MHS Archive entry MHS:4534

    Object name: newspaper cutting
    Classification: societies
    Brief Description: Newspaper cutting and duplicate from the Western Gazette, photograph showing the 1925-26 Mere football team, undated, late 20th century

        Date Begin: 1975
        Date End: 1999
        Organisation Name: Western Gazette

        Person Name: Bristow, S, H, Ford, R, A, Ford, A, E, Parker, A, Woodford, H, O, Maidment, A, G, W, Coward, J, A, Chivers, J, B, Hooper, D, J, Hooper, L, Cowley, H, F, Parker, M, Ford, F, Delorme, L, Sheppard, A, Morgan, T, Francis, G

        Date Begin: 1925
        Date End: 1926
        Person Name: Hooper, R
        Parish: Mere
        County: Wiltshire
        Organisation Name: Mere Football Team

Object location:  Box 61

Material: paper
Height: 17 cm
Width: 18 cm