MHS Archive entry MHS:4395

    Object name: article
    Classification: trade and professions
    Title: Where There’s A Wheel There’s A Way
    Brief Description: Photocopy of an article by Mike Wall ‘Where There’s A Wheel There’s A Way’, a history of the engineering company Hindley’s of Bourton, published in ‘Vintage Spirit’, 2004

        Date Begin: 11.2004
        Date End: 12.2004
        Person Name: Wall, Mike
        Person Role: author
        Organisation Name: Vintage Spirit

        Person Name: Fear, Ivan
        Parish: Bourton
        County: Dorset
        Locality Type: foundry
        Site Name: Bourton Foundry
        Organisation Name: Hindley Family

Object location:  Box 58

Material: paper
Height: 29.5 cm
Width: 21 cm