MHS Archive entry MHS:4332

    Object name: photograph
    Classification: transport
    Classification: road
    Brief Description: Black and white photograph of early stone milestone with ‘XII Miles From Sarum 1750’ carved into it, annotated on back of print as ‘Milestone 6’ but looks identical to Milestone 12 (MHS:4331), probably from a series of milestones that marked the coach road which followed the old Ox Drove over the down from Ditchampton to Chicklade, undated, mid to late 20th century

        Date Begin: 1965
        Date End: 1999

            Place Name: Ditchampton
            Parish: Wilton
            County: Wiltshire
            Locality Type: road
            Site Name: Ox Drove

Object location:  Box 57

Material: paper
Height: 15 cm
Width: 10.5 cm