MHS Archive entry MHS:4298

    Object name: newspaper cutting
    Classification: society
    Classification: utilities
    Title: Tunnel Through Hill At Ferne
    Brief Description: Newspaper cutting from The Western Gazette reporting on a 200 yard long tunnel built through Windridge Hill, Ferne Hollow, to carry a trunk water main from Mere to Tollard Royal, 11th April 1958

    Date: 11.4.1958
        Organisation Name: The Western Gazette

        Person Name: Bishop, L, Aldridge, R, Lawrence, T, F, Unwin, W, J, Walsh, T, Whitfield, T, Ward, Cichocki, Alfred, Crossland, G, Mieczyslaw, Roch, Trawicki, Jan, Whitfield, Ward
            Place Name: Ferne Hollow
            Parish: Berwick St John
            County: Wiltshire
            Locality Type: hill
            Site Name: Windridge Hill

        Parish: Mere
        County: Wiltshire

Object location:  Box 57

Material: paper
Height: 60 cm
Width: 19 cm