MHS Archive entry MHS:4115

    Object name: leaflet
    Classification: society
    Classification: religion
    Title: The Churches of the Deverills
    Brief Description: Green leaflet and guide to the churches of the Deverills; St Peter and St Paul’s at Longbridge Deverill, St Michael The Archangel at Brixton Deverill and St Mary The Virgin at Kingston Deverill, undated, late 20th or early 21st century

        Date Begin: 1980
        Date End: 2013
        Organisation Name: The Deverill Valley History Group

        Parish: Longbridge Deverill
        County: Wiltshire
        Locality Type: church
        Site Name: St Peter and St Paul’s Church
        Event Type: fundraising
        Event Name: Restoration Appeal

Object location:  Box 54

Material: paper
Height: 21 cm
Width: 38.5 cm