MHS Archive entry MHS:3985

    Object name: extract
    Classification: society
    Classification: religion
    Title: The Chaplains At Bonham-The Jesuits c.1720-1785
    Brief Description: Photocopied extracts from two editions of the South Western Catholic History relating to the Catholic mission at Bonham, Stourton, with one extract written by Geoffrey Holt, 1992 and 1995

        Date Begin: 1992
        Date End: 1995
        Person Name: Holt, Geoffrey
        Person Role: author
        Organisation Name: South Western Catholic History

        Date Begin: 1720
        Date End: 1785
        Parish: Stourton with Gasper
        County: Wiltshire
        Site Name: Bonham House

Object location:  Box 54

Material: paper
Height: 21 cm
Width: 29.5 cm