MHS Archive entry MHS:3308D

    Object name: newspaper cutting
    Classification: trade and professions
    Title: Stone quarrying at Tisbury
    Brief Description: Newspaper cutting from the Western Gazette, three letters to the editor taking issue with the previous report (see MHS:3307D) in the paper about stone quarrying at Tisbury and highlighting the importance of Tisbury Stone Quarries, worked by Mr Jack Green, 13th May 1966

    Date: 13.5.1966
        Person Name: Pitcher, G, H
        Person Role: author
        Organisation Name: Western Gazette

        Person Name: Green, Jack, Mr
        Person Role: stone mason
        Parish: West Tisbury
        County: Wiltshire
        Locality Type: quarry
        Site Name: Tisbury Stone Quarries

Object location:  Box 45

Material: paper
Height: 60 cm
Width: 5 cm