MHS Archive entry MHS:209.2

    Object name: photograph
    Classification: local history
    Brief Description: Fifteen black and white photographs, mounted on card, of places associated with local Mere historian, Thomas Henry Baker, as well as a photograph of him and his wife, Catherine Elliott in 1907

        Date Begin: 1907
        Date End: 1985
        Person Name: Longbourne, David
        Person Role: photographer

    Date: 1907
        Person Name: Baker, Thomas, Henry, Baker, Catherine
            Parish: Charlton Horethorne
            County: Somerset
            Locality Type: farm
            Site Name: Gunville Farm

        Date Begin: 4.9.1833
        Date End: 16.1.1914
        Organisation Name: Mere Historical Society
        Event Type: lecture
        Event Name: Thomas Henry Baker, the local historian of Mere

Object location:  Box 7

Material: paper
Height: 9 cm
Width: 13 cm