MHS Archive entry MHS:2

    Object name: newspaper cutting
    Classification: archaeology
    Classification: saxon
    Brief Description: Newspaper cutting from the Western Gazette concerning the discovery of a skeleton, thought to be Saxon, with three pieces of gold jewellery, dated 600 -700 AD and discovered by builders Terry Coombes and Darren Manley whilst refurbishing eight council houses in Barnes Place, Mere, 3rd August 1995

    Date: 8.1995
            Parish: Yeovil
            County: Somerset
        Organisation Name: Western Gazette

        Person Name: Coombes, Terry
        Person Role: builder
        Parish: Mere
        County: Wiltshire
        Organisation Name: Wessex Archaeology
        Event Type: restoration

Object location:  Box 1

Material: paper
Height: 31.5 cm
Width: 16.5 cm