MHS Archive entry MHS:134

    Object name: booklet
    Classification: warfare and defence
    Classification: land forces
    Title: Presentation Of The Grant Conferring The Freedom Of Entry Into The Borough On The Dorset Regiment
    Brief Description: Booklet detailing the order of ceremony on 12th February, 1967, as the Borough of Bridport grants the Freedom of Entry into the Borough on the Dorset Regiment and the C Company, the Wessex Volunteers, 13th December 1966

    Date: 13.12.1966
        Organisation Name: Borough of Bridport

        Parish: Bridport
        County: Dorset
        Organisation Name: The Dorset Regiment
        Event Type: procession
        Event Name: Freedom of Entry Into the Borough of Bridport

Object location:  Box 5

Material: paper
Height: 21 cm
Width: 13.5 cm