MHS Archive entry MHS:13

    Object name: newspaper cutting
    Classification: local history
    Brief Description: Newspaper cutting from the Western Gazette describing an open evening held at the library on behalf of Mere Museum, with competitions, exhibitions and the formation of the new group ‘Friends of Mere Museum’, Mere, Wiltshire, 11th October 1990

    Date: 11.10.1990
            Parish: Yeovil
            County: Somerset
        Organisation Name: Western Gazette

        Person Name: Longbourne, David, Dr
        Person Role: curator
        Parish: Mere
        County: Wiltshire
        Locality Type: library
        Site Name: Mere Library
        Organisation Name: Mere Museum
        Event Type: exhibition

Object location:  Box 1

Material: paper
Height: 22 cm
Width: 19.5 cm