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Present Committee members

letterboxChair: Gerry Cook
Vice Chair: Peter Landymore
Treasurer: Derek Fisher
Secretary: Diane Ellis: email – secretary (at)
Membership: Gerry Cook: email – info (at)
Morning and evening talks: David Bett, Julia Mottershaw
Visits: Caroline Cook
Archivist: (vacant)
Newsletter: Peter Landymore
Committee member:
Hamish Bell


MHS GDPR Policy:
The MHS Committee understands the need to protect personal data and carefully dispose of personal data which are no longer needed. In addition they understand that GDPR requires them to make clear to MHS members how data concerning them is collected and how it is used. MHS uses this information solely to keep members informed of Society business and does not pass on data to third parties.


An 18th-century house on the Square, Mere, which was once part of John Walton’s chain of shops in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was used as a residence and as a counting house/boardroom