MHSCoverThe Mere Historical Society publishes three newsletters a year to keep its members informed about the Society’s activities and to provide brief written summaries of its morning talks, evening lectures and summer outings.

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September 2018 issue: Click for individual reports* on: Summer visits (pg4), ‘Dorset Heroines’ (pg19) by David Beaton, ‘Emergency Planning and Practical Salvage in Historic Houses’ (pg22) by Hannah Severn, ‘The Road to Saratoga’ (pg24) by Michael Wills, ‘Stand up and Be Counted’ (pg27) by Daphne Tighe, ‘Out of My Attic – Boys Toys of the 20th Century’ (pg29) by Michael Weale, ‘Sugar to Camels’ (pg32) by Ros Liddington

March 2018 issue: Click for individual reports* on: ‘The History of Desert Island Discs’ (pg13) by Ralph Jerram, ‘Popham – A 16th C. Lawyer Who Made Good!’ (pg16) by James Bradnock, ‘Peace Without Victory: Could the Great War have been ended in 1917?’ (pg19) by Peter Landymore, ‘Paul Maze: A Frenchman in Khaki, the Last Impressionist’ (pg22) by Philip Schofield, ‘Kings of Music’ (pg25) by Tom Wheare, ‘Dartmoor Mindscapes’ (pg28) by Peter Knight

July 2017 issue: Click for individual reports* on: ‘With The Yetties’ (pg9) by Bonny Sartin, ‘‘Royal Naval Hovercraft in the Falklands, 50 Years Ago’ (pg12) by Vernon Phillips, ‘How the 1940 invasion of Belgium changed my life’ (pg15) by Monique Turnbull, ‘Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition to the Antarctic 1914 – 16 (pg17) by Frank Marshall, ‘Will Shakespeare’s London – Danger, Vanity and Vice’ – 16 (pg20)  by Gerry Cook, ‘The Life and Times of the Iconic Vulcan Bomber’ (pg23) by Wing Commander Tony Davies (RAF) Ret., ‘Jade, Amber and Gold: Stories from Pre-history’ (pg26) by Hilary Griffiths,

February 2017 issue: Click for individual reports* on by Pam Reeks, ‘Mid 19th Century Charity Organisations in Mere’ (pg14) by Dr Michael Plaxton,  ‘The Mysterious Life of Walter Henry Nichols’ (pg18) by Howard Nichols, ‘Francis Faugoin – Steward to Henry Hoare II at Stourhead: Who Was He?’ (pg22)
by Julia Mottershaw

September 2016 issue: Click for summer trip reports and other news.

May 2016 issue: Click for individual reports* on: ‘The Silk Road to Mere’ (pg5) by Julia Mottershaw, ‘Memoir: Escape from Brussels 1914’ (pg8) by the Rev. Margaret Laurie,  ‘SS Great Britain – from Launch to Relaunch’ (pg11) by Ian Caskie, ‘Conservation – the Agents of Decay’ (pg14) by Hannah Severn, ‘Constable – His Visits to Gillingham’ (pg17) by Sam Woodcock, ‘The Story of Mata Hari: Eye of the Dawn’ (pg19) by Kathy McNally.

September 2015 issue: Click for a report* on: ‘Fossils Rocks and Dinosaurs’ (pg8)
by Gerry Cook.

March 2015 issue: Click for individual reports* on: ‘Sir Henry, Alda and Harry’s time at Stourhead’ (pg14) by Janet Way, ‘Shaftesbury: King Alfred’s legacy’ (pg17) by Rob Curtis,  ‘Occupational health hazards, post Industrial Revolution’ (pg20) by Rose Cox, ‘The First World War­ tunnelling and mine warfare’ (pg24) by Phillip Robinson, ‘A very fare castle: the changing face of Corfe Castle’ (pg28) by Judith Teasdale, ‘The singular history of a Somerset school’ (pg32) by John Burrough

September 2014 issue: Click for individual reports* on: “Bringing the past to life; a personal view” (pg5) by Julian Richards, “From Field to Feast” (pg9) by Jenny Peet, “Hanging Chads and All That ….. the American Presidential Elections” (pg12) by John Burrough,

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